November 25, 2019

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May 28, 2019

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Mommy & Me Date to Chuck E. Cheeses

September 4, 2018



Last week, Miles and I had an afternoon date. It was so much fun to have some one-on-one time with him since, we havent had much time to bond with just the two of us since Marley has been born. We spent the afternoon at the grand reopening of Chuck E. Cheeses with our friend Yasmin & her sweet daughter Olive. Walking into the event, I had no idea what to expect. I had just been to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses on the Westside on Sunland Park and I was expecting to see the same thing just a little cleaner and with a few more features. Little did I know, we walked into a playground for the modern kid. The facilities underwent a huge face lift! The branding is brighter, more inviting and appeals more to both adults and children! It was so clean, spacious and so inviting! The interior features modern finishes and warm tones, and a light up dance floor that truly makes you feel like you were walking into a chic kid arcade. 


I keep saying I was so surprised, but I was!! Compared to the Chuck E. Cheeses that I went to the week before, this doesn’t event seem like the same place! The service was incredible, and the staff welcomed us with open arms. It truly felt like we were apart of the Chuck E. Cheese family. The location had self-service kiosks that offered simple menu options for ordering, as well as a kiosk to reload play cards! With he new  ‘ Tap and Play’ game card system both Miles and I enjoyed playing games with the ease of a tap instead of using tokens or swiping. My favorite part of the self service kiosks and game cards was that you can choose the among of time you want your kids to play. Once the time is up on the card its time to eat or go home. Kids can play endless games starting at $9 for 30 minutes. I love this concept because with a two year old, I can expect a tantrum if we leave but, if we hit the allotted time I can just tell my stubborn two year old that we ran out of time. Parenting Genius!    


A few more notes about the experience. Ok prepare for you mind to be blown. There were no more animatronic characters! (YAY!) I remember those being SO scary when I was a kid. I was happy to see that they got rid of the stage and the outdated dated mechanical characters for the cool light up dance floor and a fun ticket scramble for the kids! Aside from the stage being gone I was also pleasantly surprised by the pizza, it was so delicious! The new open concept kitchen and, all you can eat salad bar, truly made feel like you are having a restaurant experience while the kids play. Chuck E Cheeses really hit it out of the park with this remodel. With an updated feel, brighter more ambient design and better food It truly appeals to both parent and child. I highly recommend checking out the New Chuck E. Cheeses (9801 Gateway Blvd.) in El Paso! Its the perfect family experience for all to enjoy!


Thank- You so much for inviting us to this fun event! Check out the pictures from our Mommy & Me date to Chuck E. Cheeses below!




 The two cutest playdate friends.


 Olive enjoying her new tap and play bracelet



 Salad Bar & amazing pizza!

 His absolute favorite game. Cars... Duh!

 Who doesn't love a good photo booth op?







  The awesome light up dance floor and clean eating spaces for weekend birthday parties. 



Thanks for having us & Jordans Easy Entertaining to the grand reopening! It was so much fun!






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