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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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Tig-Ole-Bitties // The hunt for a bra

May 17, 2016

Faster than the speed of light, or so it seems. Your boobs, no matter what size or shape are going to grow… like … overnight. Every day during the first trimester,  you will feel like you are back in middle school guarding your developing breasts from any accidental nudge to the chest.  Sensitivity will take over and you will be ready to either 1.) strap those puppies down, or 2.) let them roam wild and free. The experience is different with each person and each pregnancy, but for me, if the wind blew the wrong way I was at a quick to guard the girls. I didn’t want them to move at all, they felt super tender and sensitive so the only thing I wanted was for them to strapped the heck down.  Till this day, I have been wearing sports bras since my newly formed enormous friends decided to emerge, because I feel like it’s the only thing that will give me support I needed as a whole. No other types of bra could give to give me the structure I needed to feel comfortable.


After doing much research about the best bras to use during pregnancy, most blogs and articles suggested for me to try nursing bras.  As I went on my bra search I & tried on many different types of bras but, none seemed to be a good fit. They were all somehow uncomfortable and felt like boob holsters that were ready for milking action. One night while doing my nightly social media scroll, a Facebook advertisement popped up for a brand that I have never heard of before called True & Co. Before I knew it, I was on their website hopelessly in love with their brand and the look! I decided what the heck, these people are advertising the “world’s most comfortable bra” may as well try it since nothing else has worked. When I went to their website an automated survey popped up, asking me to go through and take a fit survey, once the quiz was completed the company would suggest and recommend bras based upon what I liked and needed in terms of fit. The survey matched me with several choices but, the one I was the most drawn to was the bra that was being advertised on Facebook , "the worlds most comfortable bra", their t-shirt bra, called the Alice + Pullover Bralette. Once I ordered the bras I was quite skeptical on if they would truly do what they advertised and since I was desperate to find something that was comfortable and would look good under my regular clothes.


When the package arrived, it was beautiful. The company really puts extra effort in making your shopping experience incredibly seamless from beginning to end. From the beautiful packaging, ease of use, & great service, I will have to say I was seriously impressed. I ran downstairs to quickly try on my new pieces, and “BOOM” it was like I was placing my boobs in a cloud of support heaven.  I have found IT!! THE BRAthat allowed me to feel incredibly comfortable, supported and relaxed! The best part is I didn't have to feel like i looked like a grandma with a giant full coverage nude boob holster for a bra! My True & Co. bra has honestly been a God send, I can wear it under t-shirts, dresses, scoop necks, v-necks, you name it! It has a completely seamless fit gives great support without suffocating my milk makers! The fabric is so soft and bra washes very well. The mesh details in the shoulder straps make for a trendy modern day bra that is pretty cute even when it is showing through a t-shirt! My only wish for the bra is for it to come in more colors! I ordered it in heather grey, which is a great basic, but I wish I could order it in nude, black and white as well! If you haven't heard of True & Co, I would defiantly check them out, weather your pregnant or not, it won't disappoint! 



While on the topic of milk makers, I wanted to also share my favorite products to stay moisturized. I am basically a stretch mark cream FREAK, you can blame it on my insanely huge insecurities and fear of getting stretch marks. I apply body oil on my skin after the shower, then apply lotion on my belly & boobs in the morning before work and, in the evening before I go to bed. Sometimes I even put on more lotion on in the middle of the night when I wake up to go to the bathroom, which is a bit excessive but what can I say Im going to do all that I can to prevent getting these babies. So far, I am happy to report that my methods have worked thus far and I haven’t gotten any stretch marks yet!


  1. Farm House Fresh, Honey – Magnolia Body Oil

  2. Bella B Tummy Honey Cream – Stretch Mark Fading & anti-itch formula

  3. Mederma Stretch Mark Cream

All of these products are paraben free and are safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding. They may be a bit pricy but they're worth every penny!!! They don’t leave an oily residue unlike like a lot of other stretch mark products, and they don't stain your clothes. These products have worked wonders for me and I absolutely love them!! Of the three products, I especially love the smell of the Bella B Cream, the scent is fantastic it is light and subtle leaving me feeling moisturized and fresh. I use the Magnolia Body Oil, Right after the shower all over my body. I then lather my breasts in belly with the Tummy Honey Creamand then the Mederma Stretch Mark Creamafter! I put on the creams in the morning & before bed and only use the body oil after the shower. This routine has thus far, has left me stretch mark free at 28 weeks pregnant woohoo!! I will defiantly update this post after my entire pregnancy to see if the routine has worked through my entire pregnancy. 


For more tips stay tuned! Xoxo Jeannie


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