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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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This S*** is BOOB-nanas

May 12, 2016

Not everyones body is the same, so if you are pregnant and have not experienced this, kudos to you my friend. Kudos.


When you ask people about their pregnancies, you generally hear one of two things:

 1. That they absolutely loved being pregnant! And that pregnancy is awesome, and their experience was filled with nothing skin glowing radiance and everything was all fairies and butterflies.

2. Or, the Holy shit, I hated being pregnant, my morning sickness was outrageous, and the whole experience is worst thing in the world. To sum up their stories it basically ends with the fact that when yogurt pregnant you are just going to be a swollen, morning sick, miserable cow.


You never really hear about the normal people, who just give you the facts about how its just going to be. The people who are going to look at you and say hey, pregnancy kinda sucks but, you know what it's actually not all that bad. You may have to deal with some aches, pains and acne but hey... it’ll be worth every second of it in the end. People leave out a lot of facts about pregnancy and there are many things they don’t tell you. I am not sure why society has been so guarded to inform people how their body will change in the strangest ways.  Maybe its because they don’t want to scare you unnecessarily but, I am defiantly going share my experience with any one going through it, especially if you are going through it for the first time. & I mean, ALL OF IT. Todays blog post is just one of the many topics about what people shy away from talking about, so please refer to the title of this post if you want to know the jist.


Before the bump, the only clear changes you can defiantly expect to see in yourself see are 1. Your skin 2. Your boobs 3. Your attitude (haha… the hormones )

I can clearly remember asking my mom on so many different occasions growing up why her boobs looked so different than mine. I mean they weren’t weird; growing up and going through puberty you just compare yourself to your mom so when your mosquito bites are emerging its easy to ask why yours don’t look like hers. She never really gave a clear explanation, so I thought that was just the way she was, she just had different looking boobs & nipples. As I myself am going through theses changes I was LITEREALLY SHOCKED when I realized that it is not a coincidence that baby bottles were shaped the way they are! AND, this entire time my mom didn’t have weird nipples, she just breast fed and raised 3 freaking kids & that’s just what they look like now! I wasn’t sure what I was thinking… every single mammal in the animal kingdom who nurses has big nips to feed their young! Why wouldn’t ours be any different! So as the transformation began, I was like a woman obsessed, I couldn’t get over how sensitive my boobs were, how giant they were growing, how dark my areolas were getting &  uhhhh… how could I forget the growing NIPPLES! I would just stare at them in the mirror and think to myself OH MY GOSH look at these freaking things, why didn’t anyone tell me, like seriously what is happening!


I researched the crap out of the topic and the first person I called with my new found information was my sister. I remember her reaction as I divulged facts and information like an infomercial on steroids and SHE WAS SHOCKED. I than called my best friend & she was way more calm than my sister was about it but, she was also SO surprised! –At this point I feel like people in general don’t realize that your nipples & boobs will look DIFFERENT than before. From my research after pregnancy and breast feeding, some women get their old boobs and nipples back and the dark pigments and melatonin go back to their cute fleshy color. Other women get their old nips back but the dark pigment stays, & sometimes nothing goes back to the way it used to, it just depends on the person. They say that if you have lighter pigmentation, and are blonde or red headed your nipples will not be as effected as someone with darker pigmentation. Either way, if you are reading this, get ready for a nipple transformation like you have never seen before. But, don’t worry! You are about to grow these puppies so that you can have the ultimate bonding experience with your little one so don’t be alarmed! Obviously… its easier said than done, because i definably had a little melt down about it but; if all Moms go through it, you can too! Its going to be a definite change, but one worth the sacrifice.


I think that this was the first thing that I was the most insecure about while going through pregnancy. I have grown so much in a short period of time (both mentally & physically), but since the boobs were the first thing to change, it was sort of a realization that my  entire life is about to change and that things wont ever be the same.  As a woman, you go through so much to bear the burden of carrying a child – you sacrifice so much of yourself, your energy, your strength, to produce, grow and nurture a baby. Its all so much to deal with, but all I can say is if it weren’t for the strong women in the world, our culture and society would look oh so differently. As strong women, we shape our youth, and help grow the future in an amazing way. Don’t look at your new nippys with embarrassment, be proud, you are about to have the ultimate job, the most amazing honor, to become a Mom is a beautiful, wonderful and amazing thing. Eh.., even if you have different looking nipples now, think about it this way, you sacrificed them to feed and grow a little human, I think at any rate, that is the most respectable thing you could ever do. Now go out into the world proud of your new, free, pregnancy induced, Pam Anderson bites.


Oh yeah, below is an infographic of changes that will occur

to your boobies throughout your pregnancy! Enjoy! LOL.




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