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May 28, 2019

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Surviving summer while prego

June 15, 2016

It’s hot. I’m sweating just thinking about how hot it is outside, but maybe that’s just the way I am now… 33 weeks pregnant, in the midst of El paso summer.... just sweaty. Are you pregnant this summer? Here are my top 10 tips to surviving summers scorching temps while pregnant!


10 Tips to Beating the Summer Heat While Pregnant


1. Drink water like it’s going out of style.
Consuming enough water is essential to a healthy pregnancy. The water in your body helps carry nutrients and essentials to the placenta so that your baby remains happy and healthy! Being in the heat can take a lot out of you and drinking plenty of water is a great way to cool your body, as well increase your skins elasticity to reduce stretch marks! Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, chances are, if you see the water you will be more likely to drink it. So carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go! Water doesn’t have to be boring, they have so many cute insulated bottles out there, you can even dress up you water by purchasing an infuser! Add some mint and cucumber to your water for a refreshing twist, or even some strawberries and basil! Check out this great article on infused waters!

2. Wear breathable light weight clothing.
Summer means, sun dresses, sandals and shorts all great fashion essentials things for a pregnant mama. Make sure to dress for the right weather conditions. If it’s hot outside, wear something comfortable and flowy to allow for the most amount of circulation. The best part about summer pregnancy style are sandals, they are absolutely the best type of shoe to wear when you have swollen feet. No need to bed over to put on your shoes, just slip them on and go!

3. Put up your feet
Blazing temperatures can cause an increase in swollen hands and feet. When possible prop up those little puppies. Buy a foot messaging ball to increase circulation while you are sitting. If you are in an office setting, put a small ottoman underneath your desk or a footstool to reduce swelling throughout the day.

4. Watermelon, Cantaloupe & Fruit
Tired of drinking water? Well, you’re in luck because 20% of our daily water intake actually comes from food! Beat those hot temperatures with a healthy bowl of mixed fruit or watermelon! Watermelon and most melons contain lots of water. Looking for a snack? Put the ice cream down and grab some watermelon instead!

1 Cup Watermelon = 5 oz of Water
1 Cup Catalope = 5 oz of Water
1 Cup Strawberries = 4.6 oz of Water
1 Medium Orange = 4oz of Water


5. Seek Shade

Changing your core body temperature multiple times a day can cause your body to overwork itself causing it to heat up. Try not to sun bathe, and always look for shady places. Melasmacan develop in some pregnant women, which are dark patches in the skin when exposed to the sun. When your body overheats, it can cause miscarriage in the first trimester of your pregnancy, and also lead to dizziness, fainting and dehydration. Try to minimize sun exposure in order to keep your body at a healthy temperature for both you and your baby.

6. Damp Wash Cloth
​When in doubt, enjoy a damp wash cloth. Soak a washcloth in some cold water and set it on your forehead for instant relief from the heat. Lots of times when my feet are super-hot and swollen, I put damp wash cloths on them to ease my swollen toes!

7. Go to the movies

I like to think that they release summer blockbuster movie hits for pregnant people. What’s better than spending a hot summer day in a nice air conditioned room with a bucket of popcorn. I mean, really?

8. Evian spritz
If you’re out and about and need a quick refreshing cool down, buy a bottle of Evian spritzand keep it in your purse! A light spray to your face will leave you feeling refreshed and provide a quick cool down.


9. Wear a hat

Don’t forget to wear a hat. The sun’s rays are rough on your skin, and keeping the sun away from you face can help keep you cooler and reduce the chance of developing melasma on your face.


10. Jump in the pool!
Grab a pool floaty, your favorite hat and your favorite smoothie and relax in the pool! It is summer after all! They have so many cute maternity swim suits nowadays! Check out the selection at targetso you don't have to make a huge investment on a swimsuit you won't be wearing for very long!


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