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May 28, 2019

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7 Home Renovation Tips | Demo Day!

March 30, 2016

Demo day is such an exciting day! It’s a day that clearly stands out in my mind because it is so full of big changes, it marks the day that you decide “out with the old & in with the new!” ....and.... actually do something about it! We hired a family friend to be our general contractor since we figured it would be difficult to monitor the work of contractors when had no idea how things should be done. We thought it would be best since we are first time fixer upperswe wanted to make sure things were done correctly, and would stand the test of time.


Going into our renovation my husband and I knew exactly what we wanted things to look like. We had a vision of what walls we wanted torn down, where we wanted bigger windows, higher ceilings & larger walkways.  If you are beginning a renovation, create a list of things that are important to you in your future home. Is it natural light? Bigger living spaces? Larger bathrooms? Create a list & walk through the house with your contractor to figure out if the things on your list are feasible with the floor plan of your new house.


There may be things on your list that might not be feasible based upon the age of your home or how your house may be laid out. Your contractor will be able to help you come

 up with ideas based upon the items you feel are important to you. Once the contractor gives you pricing, you can decide based upon your budget what items are a absolute must and which you can live without. If you are having trouble coming up with a vision, create a Pinterest Board based upon rooms, like “kitchen”, “master bath”, “living room” and you can begin just pinning photos of rooms you like categorizing them into which room they are. Once you have collected a few pins for each category, go through the pictures and see what all the photos have in common. Do all of your kitchen photos have huge kitchen islands? Are they all similar in paint color? And start creating a list from photos you like. Below is a list of things we learned form our “demo-day” that turned into “demo- weeks”, we hope that you learn from our mistakes & whatever you do remember to be patient.


7 Tips to keep in mind during Demo Week.

  1. Things are always going to take way longer than you expect them to.
    The week of Thanksgiving, our demo guys were scheduled to begin, they said it would take a bout a week to get rid of everything we wanted out of our house. Thinking that it would take about a week, we left town to visit family for the holiday & when we came back, an extremely excited Me wanted to go by the house to see it! The anticipation was killing me I could not wait to see what they got done in the 5 days we were gone! We walked up to house and when walked in &…… to our surprise nothing happened. It all looked the same! The demo guys never showed up to start the job which in turn delayed the demo process. Fast forward to a whole month and a half later, our demo is finally complete! That is exactly how long It took for them to finish the job, oy vey right? So just keep in mind that some jobs may be bigger than the seem, be flexible, and patient weather its going to be your demo week, demo month or demo couple of months… it will get there!

  2. Things are going to be more expensive than they say its going to be.
    Uhhh... yeah… from every person who has ever renovated their house. There exact tidbit to me. I am now passing on to you.

  3. Something is bound to not work out the way you think it will. 
    Our house was built in the 1970 something’s and the wall paper game in our house must have been on point back then because we had A LOT of it. To save money, we thought it would be best to simply remove the wall paper & replace it with wall paper that was more subtle, something plain and maybe just textured. The day that the guys began removing the wall paper, it had been old that it just fused to the wall, so instead of calling us to ask if it was ok, they decided to just take down and remove all the sheet rock & walls that had the wall paper on it. We walked in to check on the house and found that the guys had removed all of the walls! This of course, was another expense foresee that we had to add to our budget that was not anticipated and did not work out the way we expected.  

  4. Plan to have more trash that you EVER could have imagined.
    I ordered a huge industrial sized trash container. It had to be delivered by what looked like a semi truck and I was predicting that we would probably only need this trash container once. I figured that we could just throw all of our trash from the remodel in that thing and once we were done with the demo we could just dump it. This was a gross miscalculation, that trash container was dumped 3 Times & filled up completely every time and then brought back to us. So be prepared.

  5. Create a list of must haves.
    Use Pinterestor Houzz if you need inspiration!

  6. Make copies of all your quotes, and invoices.
    Keep them all in a binder or folder, so you can always keep track how much you have already spent of your total budget.

  7. Don’t pay contractors in full until things are fully complete to your liking.
    Be protective of your money, make sure that no one runs off with your money leaving your project half completed.

I hope our little list has been helpful to you! Check out some photos of our renovation after our demo month below! XO Jeannie 



Here are our week by week photos of our Entry way

We kept all of the original wainscoting, removed the wall paper, and raised all of the openings into each room including the front door from 8 feet to 10 feet, in order to create a more open and airy feel.


The Kitchen, was by far the largest transformation. We removed the wall between the living room & the original kitchen and dining area and opened the walk way from the kitchen to the formal dining room. Removing this wall allowed us to create a more open floor plan. 

The definite "splurge item" of our demo  was opening up the original breakfast area bay windows into a large 14 foot opening with a massive sliding glass door. We were able to bring in so much natural light into our kitchen & living room area!


Stay tuned for more photos & updates!
We can't wait to share the rest of our renovation with y'all!


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