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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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To the Hotness Mom at the Airport

November 8, 2017

To the Hotmess Mom in the airport:

Hey girl, I get you. You are a freaking warrior and, I respect that you're showing your kids the world. I see you, pushing your stroller. Carrying your 20 lb diaper bag and, your purse with baby strapped to your chest. It isn’t easy. With all the gear you have to lug around it's safe to say that it looks like your training battle, or just traveling with a baby. As you juggle your tiny human, TSA sees your milk as a national threat, holding up the line at security. Business travelers, are hopping in front of you and, rolling their eyes as if it was such an inconvenience for them to wait another minute or two.  I can see you frantically burst into a cold sweat as you try to juggle your bags and baby.  Don’t worry, I’ll be that patient stranger that helps you pull your stroller off of the security belt. Keep it up girl, you’re almost there. & Don’t you worry you’ve got a so many mamas that know exactly what you’re going through. You’ve got this girl. Xoxo - Your fellow hot mess mom.

It seems like no matter how much you prepare, and how many times to do it…it’s always tough to travel with kids. I just came back from that kind of trip. The day I left for my trip Miles didn’t sleep all night, I thought something he ate didn’t sit well with him which resulted in him throwing up all night. The next morning he seemed happy and well, so I packed up our things and we were on our way to visit my Mom.

As we went through airport security, he was cheerful and, he had an appetite to eat before we headed on the plane. He slept most of the flight but, right as the plane began its decent, it happened. He didn’t feel well, and projectile vomited everywhere. The flight was completely full and the man next to me was completely appauled. He closed his eyes and looked away with discust. I was sitting in a pool of throw up frantic, with a crying baby. I immediately unloaded an entire package of wipes to clean up the mess, sweating, embarrassed and totally mortified. It was everywhere in my diaper bag, on myself, on my child, on the back of the seat. I cleaned it all up as best as I could but, but for the duration of the flight I just smelt like throw up. After leaving the plane with I changed miles cleaned him up, and as a trooper he was he was back in good spirits. I on the other hand with throw up soaked pants and a back pack full of wet things was a train wreck. I felt like such a terrible mom to have taken the trip, I felts so bad for Miles, and all I wanted to do was cry. I called a Mom friend who traveled a lot and, told her the whole story and was immediately up lifted. Thank God for her, otherwise I would’ve sat in the family restroom spiraling out of control and crying. Mom life is tough especially with sick little ones. If your struggling, know that you have people  that know where your coming from, who will cheer you on & root for you. You’ve got this mama. I’ll be on the sidelines cheering you on.  




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