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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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First Comes Love. Then comes Marriage. & then ...Oh Baby!

March 22, 2015

Growing up in a strict Asian family pregnancy was always majorly scorned upon. Basically, my parents' idea of giving my sister and I "the talk", was scaring the living crap out of us by threating to kick us out if we got pregnant. Besides this known fact: Become pregnant = Kicked out, my parents never spoke to us about intimacy, we learned everything from what we could gather on TV & what other kids would talk about at school. Of course, as I got older, it was only that natural that when I got together with my besties we would have conversations about distant acquaintances (seen on social media) who have gotten pregnant and, we would each comment on how we would "seriously... literally die" if we got pregnant. With this being the case, once I got married I had a huge mental block about starting a family. In the back of my mind, ironically I thought that my life would "literally" be over. 


Right after my husband and I got married, the topic of 'having a baby' was like word vomit from relatives near and far. You get married one day and the next day everyone just goes on to the next life event, babies, babies, babies! I thought to myself "Exactly at what point in life are we all supposed to "grow up" and start popping out babies? ". Since I am naturally adverse to major life changes, I went through a long period roller-coastering through emotions about of having kids, and when to start. Until one day, I received the absolute best advice ever from a customer of mine, "you are not missing out on life by starting a family. Your life my change and be different but, you are adding to your life, you are fostering, developing & leaving a mark on the future." Which left me thinking... when will I have another chance to do that? If for some reason the window of fertility closed on me or my & your ability to have a baby dramatically decreased, I would look back on these moments and be devastated I didn’t start the baby process earlier. 


After a year, or so of letting the thought of having a baby marinate in my mind and feeling pressure from which direction to start a family, I remember going to bed one day feeling incredibly perplexed. I had a dream that night, that I was pregnant and that I was having a baby. In my dream, I was in the hospital giving birth, and with ease... I had a baby! (If it was only that easy in real life right?) The nurse handed me the baby, and when the baby opened its eyes... I had an overwhelming feeling like I had never felt before. It was like, all at once, the world stopped and I was overjoyed, I was speechless, I just thought to myself have never in my life seen anything so perfect, and I loved anything more. I am not sure if that is what happens in real life, but this dream was so vivid I can remember it as though it was an actual memory. At that moment, I woke up and my first thought was, "lets do this!", I felt like I was Sponge bob thinking to myself ... ".... IM READYYYY!!!!...". From that moment on, I thought, "lets see what God has in store for us." and my husband and I decided to... ya know, get "kicked out" of my parent’s house. Hahah. 


For you girls out there going through this weird stage of deciding weather you should start a family or not let me assure you... 1.) you are literally not going to die. 2.) its going to be ok 3.) becoming a mom is one of the greatest, most amazing experiences that you are going to live to tell. Get ready for the best adventure you'll ever go on. 4.) ask any Mom out there! they can’t all be lying when they "starting a family" was the best decision they ever made. Speaking from a girl who was a definite anxious & scared skeptic.










3.31.2012. | A Rustic Modern Southern California Wedding 


Details on one of the BEST days of our lives.


The Venue - Turnip Rose - Promenade & Gardens: A total one stop shop for anyone who is looking for a stress free way to throw a wedding in southern California. Weddings in Southern California are not cheap, but for what you get I would say that our wedding was pretty affordable, beautiful and even came with a day of coordinator to help you with all the last minute details! I would get a quote and check out all of their venue options. It will be sure to blow your socks off! 


The Photographer - Ashley Dang Photography: I met Ashely when she was first starting out, and I am so glad I did because watching her grow her business has been incredible. If you're looking for incredible natural light photography, she isn't going to let you down. Keep in mind that after the wedding is over you will only have the pictures to remember your special day, so make sure they are with someone who is going to take pictures that will make you fall in love all over again. Check her out! Ashley is an incredible Family, Engagement, Newborn & Southern California Wedding photographer. 


The Flowers: - 800Rosebig: My husband and I got engaged a year after we got out of college. We paid for our own wedding. (... I know... rough for two young professionals...right out of school... but, it's an asian thing..) We didn't have a ton of money, so when it came to arrangements I couldn't spend my entire budget on elaborate centerpieces, bouquets & boutonnières. Which lead me to find 800Rosebig, a floral wholesaler who put together affordable arrangements! If you are looking for a great reliable place for affordble arrangements in Orange County call them, they won't disappoint.


The Dress: - One Night Affair: Before Rent the Runway was a big thing, I discovered One Night Affair. It was so affordable to rent a beautiful name brand wedding dress. For my wedding I wore a Vera Wang dress that at the time had a retail ticket of $9,500 that defiantly was not in my budget. Everything that was in my budget didn't look the way I envisioned so I rented my dress from One Night Affair, where they will tailor your dress to fit you perfectly. You can rent a designer dress for 3 days and return it afterwards! It was the best decision I made because most people just keep their dress in a box afterwards, and lets be honest here, your daughter is not going to want to wear your wedding dress. It was such a great place to look for an affordable designer wedding dress.  


If you have any other questions on who made what for our wedding feel free to message me! Wedding planning can be so stressful, the most important thing to remember is that the reason why you're getting married isn't for the details. Pinterest may make it all look so cool, but in the end no one is going to remember the small details. They're going to remember if they had fun, and if you guys looked happy! Enjoy every minute of wedding planning & good luck girl!







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