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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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Made for Joy.

June 27, 2017

My life isn't easy, I'm constantly wishing for more hours in the day, more sleep, more time to spend on writing blog posts, more time to clean. My life, some days, feels like  I'm just treading water. Other days, it feels like I'm in a perpetual state of continuous mess containment. Changing diapers, feeding and the constantly feeling like I need to do more, so that I can be a better Mom, Wife & individual. I love Instagram, it keeps me inspired, connected, and up to date but, with it being so accessible, its easy to become a prisoner of comparison. We've all done it, we look at someone's life and wish and yearn for things that would make our lives more beautiful, more glamorous and perceptively easier. Often times I find myself becoming entrapped in it, comparing myself to other Moms who look like they've got it all figured out and, it is truly a thief of joy. 


Today, I read an amazing devotional that spoke to me so dearly. It was about Joy. One of my favorite paragraphs read, 


" If you want to win the battle of joy, you will keep your eyes on the Lord. You will waste no time by worrying or by being anxious. You will resolve in your heart that the Lord will have your full and undivided attention regardless of what is happening in your circumstances."


God created joy. There are so many verses in the Bible that tell us to rejoice and be glad, to dance and sing, and to be in awe Gods beautiful creations. We do ourselves such a disservice every time we worry, compare and take away the joy that the Lord has created for us to have. "We are made for joy.", so even when things don't go as planned or having a tough day, don't continue to sabotage the joy that God wants you to have. He created us to have joy! 


So the next time you find yourself scrolling through theses beautiful squares (instagram) and you find yourself feeling like an incompetent mom, or wishing you could be like this or have something like  that. Know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Every person has their own hardships, worries and unspoken problems. Every time you compare yourself you are robbing yourself of the Joy that God created you to have. 


Which brings me to share with you one of my favorite quotes by President Dieter f. Uchtdorf, "we don't need to be "more" of anything to start to become the person God invented us to become." You are enough. You are doing great! Keep on chipping away at your goals. If you're hurting give it to the Lord. Love deeply. Laugh freely. Count your blessings. And always keep your eyes on the Lord. 


 I am so grateful for the opportunities that God has lead me to through social media. Today, I'm sharing a completely joyful photoshoot captured by Vanessa Ramos, from Vanessa Ann Photography . I actually "met" Vanessa through Instagram. Once we met in person, we connected immediately and became fast friends. She is so professional, bright and charismatic, her creativity is truly infections. She recently moved back to El Paso from the east coast and photography style is so telling of the type of person she is. Light, airy, and whimsical. Of course Miles flirted with her the whole time and I'm pretty sure that his "ladies man" tendencies are going to be nothing but trouble once he gets older.  


So without further adieu check out our amazing 'mommy and me' session at Ardovinos Desert Crossing! & Go check out Vanessa's website  if you're looking for an amazing photographer in El Paso!










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