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May 28, 2019

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Surviving your baby's first cold.

January 18, 2017

I feel like a human Kleenex. Unintentionally so, my little 5 month old has been rubbing his face in my shoulder smearing his poor runny nose all over myself and wiping it all over his face as well. It's been a rough few days for us. Since Miles has been sick it's been incredibly difficult for him to sleep. He constantly wants to be held (which I'm not complaining about) & cries whenever I put him down. The guy has been super stuffed up and it has been so frustrating to him that he can't seem to breathe. Needless to say neither of us has slept this week trying to fight off this bug.


With that being said, I found myself at Targetwith streaks of boogers all over my shirt looking for anything that might give him some relief. Sadly, I discovered that there is not much you can do for infants when they're sick with a cold. The only thing you can really do is assist them in managing & easing their symptoms.


So here are my top 5 products to help you survive your infants first cold


Top 5 Products to help you survive cold & flu season

1.) the nose frida

2.) baby vicks

3.) the temporal thermometer 

4.) saline spray 

5.) boogie wipes


6.) coffee - this one is just for the mamas. 


These products have been my best friends for the past several days and it has been so incredibly helpful to use them to ease symptoms for Miles. 


1.) The Nose Frida- I received this item as a gift at my baby shower and have heard nothing but amazing things about it. Out of my own curious its I figured it was a good time to bust this nose suction thing out and give it a whirl. To my surprise it was literally a suction with a tube attached to it. Skeptical on how it would compare to your standard suction ball I gave it try to help Miles clear up his nostrils.


So basically how it works is you put one side in the baby's nose and the other end your mouth and it functions like one of those spit suckers that they stick in your mouth at the dentist. AND, its not at all as gross as I thought it was going to be. You're sucking the snot into your mouth at all. There is a protective sponge barrier that wont allow you to take a drink outta your kiddos nasal passage. This thing has been a saving grace for me these past few days and I highly recommend it! 


2.) Baby Vicks Vapor Rub- I purchased a jar at Target after reading tons of comments from other moms on how it should help open up the Miles's airway and soothe his congestion. I call this stuff, crack cream right now. It helps our little guy sleep as much as he can clearing his nostrils for a short while. I highly recommend getting some of this stuff if you have a sick baby. It doesn't smell super strong like the adult Vicks Rub, its incredibly light and baby safe!


3.) The Temporal Thermometer- Its quite common that many times with a cold a fever can show up at the same time. Since Miles was a little baby, I have been your typical over protective first time mama. I was tired of using the medial thermometers that they sell for babies available at the store. I felt like they weren't accurate and it took way too long for them to read what the temperature was. So lucky for me I picked up this amazing temporal thermometer so that I now cant live without. Its so easy to use and so incredibly accurate!


4.) Saline Spray- Think of using saline spray as a little kids version a Neti Pot. Spray the saline in their nostrils and suck it out with a bulb or the nose frida for a stuffy free baby! The saline spray will also help break up hard boogies to make them easier to suck out. To use the saline spray lay your baby down ands spray a a few drops while his/her head is turned so that the fluid has a place to drain, then suck away! 


5.) Boogie Wipes- When you have the sniffles, it can be so easy to get a raw nose from constant wiping. Boogie wipes are incredibly soft and are moist with saline, the perfect thing to wipe those runny noses. Throw a pack of these in your diaper bag to clean up messy sneezes and runny noses.


I hope this article has been helpful in assisting you to prepare for your little ones first cold. Or if you have a sick kiddo I hope that you both are getting some rest and enjoying the extra cuddles. Hang in there mama you got this & remember to always hydrate & wash your hands through out the day, we gotta take care of you too! 


xoxo - Jeannie 






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