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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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They warned me about Motherhood | Fresh 48 Photos

September 29, 2016

They warned me, they all said that you will never know a love like this. They all said that it is going to be the most beautiful thing that you will ever experience. And… of course, It’s not like I didn’t believe them… but somehow, I didn’t really think that it could quite actually be possible. I guess, I just had a mental block to it all. I always thought that maybe people just romanticized the idea of having a baby, but in my naive nature I didn’t realize is how truly, breathtakingly beautiful it would all be. I didn’t realize that I would come to love someone so much and that it would open a new part of my heart that I never knew existed. I never knew that I would spend hours staring at my little one savoring every second of him in my arms. I didn’t realize that my heart could actually ache because I would be so overcome with love. That it was possible for me to cry tears of joy and gratitude even months after having him. That I would sacrifice, all my time, all my sleep, and all that I am just to see him happy and that I wouldn’t even care. & How… most of all, I could fall infinitely more in love with my husband, loving him more than I ever have before. We had built a family, and watching him with our son just makes me love him so much more. I was naïve. My life was all changing for the better. I was watching life blossoming before my eyes, and now that I look back on it all, there are no true words to explain how remarkable the experience is until you experience it on your own.


I’ve been a mom for two short months, and in these short two months, I have grown more than I ever have before. As I look back on the photos from the first 48 hours of Miles birth, I can’t help but think that time is just simply too precious. 









In this experience I have been able to see how adaptive and resilient the human body really is and with it, I have experienced every emotion. I’ve cried tears of joy, frustration and confusion. I’ve laughed, felt contentment and happiness. I’ve felt stagnant, over-joyed and overwhelmed and although every day brings a new challenge, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. I’ve always struggled to find my purpose; and amazingly enough I found it in motherhood. I always knew that I wanted to be a Mom but, I wildly underestimated how much it would change my perspective on the world, and how I would simply love every single minute of it.


To all you Moms out there. I have so much immense respect for you. Whether you work, or are a stay at home mom, keep up the great work! Your endurance, patience, and love is so appreciated. You do so much to make your kids feel safe, loved and important and although it may be a thankless job at times, know that you are truly amazing. From a new mom who finally “gets it”.


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