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Boho Cake Smash | An open letter to my daughter on her first birthday

May 28, 2019

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My body's a wonderland // Pregnancy's strangest symptoms

June 21, 2016

When you’re pregnant for the first time, John Mayer has got it right. You have no idea what heck is happening to your body… here, there or anywhere. Your body is a literal wonderland and goes through so many changes to sustain a little human. I am completely in awe about how much women can physically take in order to give life. With an increase in hormones, and a growing baby inside you, your body will change and adapt naturally but, since not all pregnancies are created equal, some people develop strange symptoms that others may not. Below are some common hilariously uncomfortable symptoms that you may or may not develop not when you’re pregnant. Some of these things I’ve experienced first-hand and others… I am lucky enough to not have experienced. Below is a list of 10 strange pregnancy symptoms that can be uncomfortable to talk about at times. You may not experience any of these things but, its  always good to stay informed so that if you do develop these symptoms you won't be alarmed or caught off guard, like me! 



10 Strange & Embarrassingly Hilarious Pregnancy Symptoms 


  1. You’ve got to be shitting me | literally.

No, actually, let me rephrase this title to: You have got to be Constipated, because literally no shit is coming out of you. Constipation affects many pregnant woman, and it is all because of the increase levels of the progesterone hormone. Progesterone makes it possible for the implantation and fertilization of an egg, which is fine and and dandy and all but, it also slows down your digestive tract which can cause constipation. At this point in my pregnancy, if I gotta go, I mean, really… I gotta go, because chances of “going” are few and far between. To ease constipation, try to maintain a diet high in fiber, drink prune juice or take Metamucil dailyto maintain healthy and regular bowl movements.

2. I need a donut & not the kind of donut you’re thinking. | Hemorrhoids

What is a hemorrhoid? Well in the politest way I can put it, it’s basically a swollen blood vessel in your rectal area. They can form when you are constipated & are putting more pressure on your butt than you are used to. When Hemorrhoids get really bad, they can be very uncomfortable, painful, itchy and at times even cause bleeding during a bowel movement.  To ease hemorrhoid pain, try taking a warm bath, purchase an over the counterhemorrhoid cream, and try to drink lots of water. If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time try using a hemorrhoid donut (not a food LOL)!


3. Hmm well that’s weird | Nose bleeds

While you’re pregnant, it’s not abnormal to get frequent nose bleeds. The Blood vessels in your nose expand and the increase in your blood supply can put more pressure on those delicate veins making them rupture more easily when you blow your nose, or wash your face. Don’t be alarmed if you’re getting frequent nose bleeds, just try to stay hydrated to keep those membranes moist in order to reduce the number of nose bleeds you get. If you get frequent nosebleeds at night, try sleeping with a humidifier.


4. Welcome to the Pants Party | Vaginal Discharge

If you are noticing a lot more vaginal discharge, it’s probably because you are having more of it. Your body’s increased level of estrogen and the greater amount of blood flow to your lady parts is causing an increase level of discharge that might be making you feel uncomfortable.  Run out to the drug store and grab some panty liners because girl, you’re going to need them, why feel like you’ve just peed your pants all day when they have liners!


5. Oh hey Chubackka! | Hair, hair, everywhere


They always say that during pregnancy your hair grows luminously. Beautiful locks will flow from your head thicker and healthier than ever. What people don’t tell you is that the hormones that cause you to grow this beautiful hair may also cause you to grow hair in places you don’t particularly want. Peach fuzz can start to grow up your belly like a mini happy trail or even worse some women grow facial hair or even nipple hair.  Don’t be alarmed or make an appointment with your nearest laser hair specialist just yet, all of the hair growth is temporary and will fall out after your pregnancy. Phew! For now, just embrace the fact that you may be having happy trail growing contests with your hubby and till your bundle of joy arrives.


6. Skin Glowing Goddess | …or NOT.

Feeling like your back in high school fighting acne issues? The increased hormone levels in your body “called androgens” are the culprit to pregnancy breakouts and can cause increased in oil production on your face, back, and anywhere else for that matter. Unfortunately, most dermatologist have said that acne during pregnancy may persist throughout an entire pregnancy, so it may just something that you may have to get used to until after you have your baby. Having amazing glowing skin during pregnancy is not at all a myth for about half of the pregnant population, the increase in androgens, can boost their skin, giving them a great natural moisturizer which means gorgeous skin. Whether you are experiencing pregnancy acne, or are a part of the lucky population of pregnant women with dewy glowing skin, remember to always stay hydrated and read about products before purchasing to put on your face.


7. Let me get those in a size... 7… 8… 9? | Growing Feet

During pregnancy your blood flow increases about 50%, with all this extra blood flowing through your system it can cause swelling for feet, hands and extremities. It can also cause your feet to grow a little larger as well. Some women’s shrink back to their original size after pregnancy and some people need to start a new collection of shoes, hey! that could be actually be a benefit!

8. Wait am I getting age spots??! | Chloasma

No, you are not getting age spots and there is no need to go buy any fancy products skin products just yet. Thanks to you guessed it hormones once again, your body’s production of Melanin, may increase. Melanin, what gives your skin and hair coloration and an increase of this can cause irregular dark spots on skin or dark patches. In most women, after delivery these spots will fade, as the levels of melanin decrease in your body. My best advice is to wear sunscreen, stay out of the sun and wear a hat whenever possible, that way you can decrease the chance of developing splotches in the first place.

9. Damn it! I sprang a leak! | Pee Pee Dance

Let’s face it, although it may be embarrassing, laughing, sneezing, and coughing may cause you to leak. Don’t be alarmed, it happens to everyone! I’ll even admit to this one! – imagine sneezing at the mall because that is what happened to me. I was so mortified running to the bathroom with uncontrollable liquid coming out me, unaware that this symptom even existed! With doctors always telling you to consume more than the average amount of water, and a baby sitting on your bladder, it’s bound to happen! Give yourself a break. Take lots of potty breaks and do Kegel exercisesto help strengthen your muscles.


10. Did I just become a vampire? | Bleeding Gums

After brushing your teeth are you seeing blood? It’s probably because your gums are bleedingand have become sensitive to brushing. It is not uncommon for women who are pregnant to develop a slight case of gingivitis, because of the hormonal changes and the massive amounts of blood flowing through your system, which can your gums to swell and become more sensitive. To cope with the problem, use a gentle mouthwash every night, and change your tooth brush to one with softer bristles. Be sure to go on regular visits to the dentist in order to keep cavities at bay.



For more tips & tricks stay tuned! 34 weeks pregnant & counting down the days till my little mr. arrives!

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