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May 28, 2019

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Guide to: Creating A Cohesive Design Space

April 26, 2016


HGTV addict? Love it all? But can't seem to figure it out? Here’s what to do!


Creating a cohesive design begins with finding something you absolutely love. It may be difficult to narrow it down to just one specific item but, if you have a single element that you cant live without it will be easier to create and design a beautiful space that flows seamlessly. Many people who begin a renovation, or remodel become overwhelmed by the many different styles and choices that are available. They may like a lot of the different elements from different styles that may not necessarily always go together. By narrowing it down to one element that you can’t live without, this will help build a cohesive space that flows easily and beautifully. Think of something that you love and build all of the other elements around it, making sure each item matches the last item. This process will allow you stay more focused and keep you undistracted from adding elements that may also be also beautiful but might not look good together.


Too many ideas?!?! Need to narrow it down? Read below!

Guide to: Creating A Cohesive Design Space 

  1. Create a board on Pinterestspecific to the room you are trying to renovate/decorate, or example, lets do Kitchens for today! Search, and scour the internet for photos of your dream kitchen, pin these images to your newly created pin board - "Kitchens".

  2. Once you have pinned 10-15 kitchens that you like, pick your top 6 favorites.

  3. Print out those 6 photos & begin looking at each image. What is it about each photo do you like the most? Is it the backsplash, faucet, island, lighting, cabinets, ambience?

  4. Once you have circled the items you like the most in each photo, place all the photos on a table or counter. Look at all the photos and ask yourself, what do all of these photos have in common? Do any of these photos totally different than the others? If this is the case and you have 5 photos depicting similar kitchens and one that is totally different, throw that photo away. There is a reason that the other kitchens look similar, you like the style in those kitchens more most likely.  

  5. Then on a blank sheet of paper write down all of the things that these photos have in common. Are any of these elements items that you circled in your pictures? Chances are the answer is, YES! That means that this it is a definite design item you can’t live without.

  6. Look at the list you just wrote of similar design elements; these are the things that you love the most!  Of the items on this list is there one item in particular you like the most? If there is, then choose this item to be your focal piece to design your kitchen around!

  7. Save these photos & put them in a binder or folder. They will be a great tool to use and have handy when you go and select tile for the kitchen and backsplashes! It will be a way to hold you accountable when people ask you what is it that you are looking for! You can show them the photos and point to the items you love and want in your dream kitchen during renovation!


Here are the photos of my 6 top dream kitchens.
Theses are the photos I used to help me design the kitchen in our renovation!


|1. Heidi Iron | 2. House and Home | 3. Home Bunch |4. Style Blue Print | 5. Hamptons Home | 6. My Domaine|

What are some of the common elements that these photos share?  

  1. They all have white counter tops

  2. All of the islands shown are Large

  3. They all have a mix of cabinet colors and hardware

  4. white backsplash/ white subway tile.

  5. All of the cabinets are grey/ have a grey undertone

Doing this activity lead me to the conclusion:

  1. I would like the kitchen Island cabinets to a different color than the rest of the cabinets.

  2. Since in the photos, most of the cabinets are grey, my main cabinets will be grey!

  3. My cant live without item: white countertops

  4. White subway tile backsplash = an absolute must.

  5. Voilà! All of these design elements, hues, colors and design choices go together!

Insider tip: Kitchen cabinets always take the longest to order. They will take months to come in, especially if you are having them custom made to fit the space in your kitchen. My first suggestion is, before you begin selecting different tiles and paint colors is to start by picking out the colors and style of your cabinets and place your order! 


Stay tuned for more design tips! XOXO - Jeannie


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